What Would Happen If I Just Did Push Ups, Pull Ups and Squats? (Revealed)

Just Doing Push Ups Pull Ups and Squats

Push ups, pull ups, and squats are probably the most basic bodyweight exercises. However, performing all three exercises regularly can certainly make a difference to your physique. That said, what would happen if you just performed these 3 bodyweight exercises and nothing else? Let’s find out. Just Doing Push Ups, Pull Ups & Squats If … Read more

Why Do I Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups? (Explained!)

Do You Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups

If pull ups are causing you forearm pain this usually comes down to a specific weakness, poor form, or a potential injury. Here’s exactly what you need to know and how to fix this. The most obvious reason for forearm pain during pull ups is a weak grip. You’ll generally find that your fingers start … Read more

Rows and Pull Ups: Are They Enough For Back Training or Do You Need More?

A Man Performing Pull Ups With a Loaded Barbell in Front of Him

Rows and Pull Ups are more than enough to train the upper back muscles. Pull ups are considered one of the best exercises for lat development. Whereas rows are ideal for strengthening the lats, traps, and rhomboids. Back Workouts From the Golden Era of Bodybuilding I’m a massive fan of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. … Read more

Is There an Ideal Pull Up to Chin Up Ratio? (Explained!)

Pull Up to Chin Up Ratio

In case you’re curious if there’s a particular ratio of pull ups to chin ups you should strive for, I have the information you need. I will hazard a guess that you find chin ups easier to perform than pull ups. However, perhaps you’re slightly concerned by how much of a difference in reps there … Read more

Ring Pull-Ups: The Ultimate Challenge – Why They’re Harder Than Bar Pull-Ups?

A Man in the Gym Performing Ring Pull Ups

Ring pull ups are harder due to the lack of stability. Your stabilizer muscles in the core and shoulders are required to put in more effort in order to counteract the instability. The range of motion is also increased during ring pull ups compared to convential straight-bar pull ups. Rings Provide Less Stability The most … Read more

Neck Pain Ruining Your Pull-Ups? Uncover the Causes & Solutions!

An Athletic Man Performing Pull Ups

The most common reasons that pull ups hurt your neck are either that you’re leading with your chin or you’re straining at the neck. Both of these things typically occur as fatigue sets in. Your aim should be to bring the bar to the chin or sternum, as opposed to leading the movement with your … Read more