What is a Navy Seal Burpee? (Plus an INSANE Challenge)

The Navy emblem, a Sailor, and a Man Performing Burpees

I’m a massive fan of burpees, but I always thought they were difficult enough just performing the standard variation. And then someone had to go and make them 10 times harder (well, 3 times harder if you want me to be precise). I give you the Navy Seal Burpee. Clearly, any exercise with the words … Read more

100 Burpees Burn How Many Calories? Here’s the Answer

A Group of People in a Fitness Class Performing Burpees

A person weighing 150lbs would burn 119 calories per 100 burpees, whereas a person weighing 180lbs would burn 143 calories, and a person weighing 210lbs would burn 167 calories. The number of calories burned during 100 burpees will vary based on weight, intensity, metabolism, and level of physical conditioning. Calories Burned Per Burpee According to … Read more