What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees? (My 5-Min Goal)

Just the fact that you can perform multiple reps is fantastic, but what is a good time for 100 burpees?

I have my own personal record that I’m trying to beat, but some elite athletes have almost halved my time.

I know there are various factors to consider, and I will discuss these.

But for now, I want to look a little closer at what is considered a good time for 100 burpees.

What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees?

A good time for 100 burpees will vary depending on age, height, weight, and fitness level. 100 burpees in under 12 minutes will mean that you are fairly fit. A great goal would be to perform 100 burpees non-stop in under 5 minutes. However, many elite-level athletes will only take 3-4 minutes.

My 5-Minute 100 Burpee Challenge

I’ve mentioned before that I actually love burpees.

I don’t know if that makes me just plain weird weird or slightly sadistic.

But, I truly believe that the burpee is one of the greatest exercises ever.

My best time for 100 burpees is 5 minutes and 38 seconds.

However, my ultimate goal is to get under 5 minutes.

My view on this is that if I can average 20 burpees a minute, which includes a short 5-10 second rest period towards the end of each minute, I should achieve this.

I know I am capable of doing far more than 20 burpees in a row, although strangely enough I’ve never actually tested myself to see exactly how many I can do.

That being said, it would be absolutely fantastic to do 100 burpees non-stop in under 5 minutes.

Please note, that I ALWAYS perform my burpees with a push up, jump, and my arms extended above my head.

Krysta Stryker Breaks Down 100 Burpees For Time

Someone that I have a great deal of respect for and avidly follow is Krysta Stryker.

Krysta is the owner of the website, 12-Minute Athlete.

Krysta has a specific challenge, whereby she and her followers do a 100-burpee challenge.

This entails doing 100 burpees as fast as possible on the first Friday of every month.

I believe Krysta has said that she is yet to break the 6-minute mark, but this is still hugely impressive.

Krysta has laid out specific “benchmarks for success” for the 100-burpee challenge.

This is how she breaks it down:

  • 12+ minutes – You’re an athlete in training.
  • 10-12 minutes – You’re an athlete.
  • 8-10 minutes – You’re a super athlete.
  • 6-8 minutes – You’re a total badass.
  • 4-6 minutes – You’re the ultimate badass.

I think she’s pretty much nailed it with her descriptions and I tend to agree.

100 Burpees in 2:57

The Factors to Consider When Doing 100 Burpees

There are obviously various factors that should be taken into consideration when doing 100 burpees for time.


Firstly, age is a factor, although I’m not entirely sure how much, or in which direction.

From a personal perspective, I am capable of far more physically in my 40s than I could do in my 20s.

However, this comes down to greater fitness levels, a better approach to exercise, and a completely different lifestyle.

That being said, I would expect a supremely fit 20-year old to be doing 100 burpees quicker than a supremely fit 80-year old.

But, I am more than willing to be corrected for my beliefs.


This is something that Krysta has alluded to, and many other people have as well to be fair.

However, the shorter you are, the “easier” you should find the burpee.

If all other factors are equal, I would expect a shorter person to be doing their 100 burpees in a quicker time than a taller person.

I’m fairly short myself, so I’m definitely not making excuses.

I’ve often been told that I’m closer to the ground (LOL) and that my limbs, especially my legs, are much shorter.

The upshot being that it’s easier for me to get down to the floor and up again than someone who is 6ft and over.


I guess this makes a lot of sense.

Even if two people are of the same fitness level, a heavier person will be using up much more energy than a lighter person while doing their 100 burpees.

Basically, the heavier you are, the more calories you’ll be burning, so in effect you will be working harder to complete the same task.

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Fitness Level

I think this goes without saying, and is a proven point in Krysta’s breakdown above.

People's Names on a Whiteboard With Their Times for 100 Burpees

If you can barely do 10 burpees without feeling extremely winded, it’s going to take you much longer than someone who can easily perform 100 burpees in a row.

So, the fitter you are, the quicker time you should be aiming for.

I would also say that fitness plays a huge role in reps and sets.

I guess a decent target for most people who have a good level of fitness is 10 sets of 10 reps.

My aim is to do 5 sets of 20 reps.

And then there are those who complete 100 burpees all in one go.

That being said, the name of the game is progression.

Therefore, irrespective of your current fitness levels you should always be aiming to complete your 100 burpees in a quicker time.

Type of Burpee

The type of burpee you perform will have a huge bearing on how quickly you complete 100 burpees.

I’ve mentioned that I always do my burpees with a push up and jump, more akin to the Spartan burpee.

Considering it’s a race that I’ve trained for and completed, I guess that makes sense.

However, the burpee is commonly associated with Crossfit, which has a slightly different variation.

This involves your chest and thighs coming into contact with the ground, as well as performing a clap of the hands above your head.

But, there is definitely push up involved with this variation.

Then again, I’ve previously written about the original burpee.

The burpee was never actually intended as an exercise, and it didn’t involve a push up, a jump, or raising your arms in the air.

I’m pretty sure I could complete 100 “original” burpees (maybe even non-stop) in under 5 minutes.

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The 100 Burpee Challenge

The 7-Minute Crossfit Burpee WOD

As I’ve said, the burpee is commonly associated with Crossfit.

I’ve ventured onto many crossfit-related forums in my time, and there is often discussion of 100-burpee times.

With that being said, the only real WOD (Workout of the Day) that seems to involve non-stop burpees is the 7-minute challenge.

As simple as it sounds – perform as many burpees as possible in 7 minutes.

The Crossfit standards make for interesting reading:

  • Beginner – under 80 reps
  • Intermediate – 90-110 reps
  • Advanced – 120-135 reps
  • Elite – 140+ reps

So, in Crossfit terms you would be considered an intermediate athlete if you complete 100 burpees in 7 minutes.

And working on averages, you would be an elite athlete to complete your 100 burpees in 5 minutes (which is my aim).

Check out Danila Shokhin doing 161 burpees non-stop during this 7-minute WOD challenge.

Now this is seriously impressive, as he quite clearly performs perfect Crossfit burpees for every single one of the 161 reps.

Burpees – Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

I thought I’d have a little wander over to the Guinness World Records and see if there was an actual record time for 100 burpees.

Unfortunately, it seems there isn’t.

Most of the records are based on specific times.

Here’s some of the the more interesting (and very strange) records:

Paddy Doyle from the UK holds the record for most burpees performed in an hour – 1,840

The most burpees performed by a male in one minute is 48. The record is held by Wesley Prado from Brazil.

Michael Alioti from the USA has completed 7,295 burpees in 12 hours.

Eva Clarke from Australia holds the record for the most burpees by a female in 24 hours – 12,003.

The most chest to ground burpees in three minutes is 68, a record held by Australian, Ethan Fleming.

Joshua Romeo for the USA has completed 25 backflip burpees in a minute (now that’s just showing off).

And possibly the most interesting (and strange) record is held by Raneir Pollard from the USA.

Raneir is the world record holder in the Men’s category for most burpees in one minute while wearing high heels – 38.

Well there’s no accounting for taste.

Final Thoughts

So, as to what is a good time for 100 burpees, you can see that there are many things to consider.

However, based on my findings, and what other people are saying, if you’re doing your 100 burpees in under 10 minutes, then very well done.

If you’ve ventured into the 6-8 minute category, you can be very proud of yourself, you’re clearly a well-trained athlete.

And if completing 100 burpees in under 5 minutes, I bow down in the presence of greatness.

You’re awesome.

Drop me line in the comments section below, I’d love to hear your time for 100 burpees.

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4 thoughts on “What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees? (My 5-Min Goal)”

  1. Love this man. It is inspiring for sure. 100 burpees in under 5 minutes is a wild goal. |

    Can’t say I have ever done too many burpees in my life. But with the pandemic in full swing I have been working out at home with dumbbells and always looking to add exercises to my routine. Your blog posts have been inspiring me to consider adding burpees.

    I am tall though, 6’5″, so I would not expect to ever beat any records nor would that be my goal. Just adding a good exercise to my routine is what I am looking for.

    Two questons:

    1) For someone just looking to accomplish what I am, how many burpees would you recommend I do?

    2) I noticed in the video the guy doing 500, he did not jump high at all, how high should you jump. His was more like a little bounce it seems, where others in the video were actually jumping.

    Thanks man


    • Hey Robb,

      Thanks for the comments and the questions.

      I’ll definitely get to under 5 minutes. I’m working hard on it at the moment, LOL.

      As for how many burpees you should be doing, this very much depends on your current strength and fitness levels.

      A good place to start would be 3 sets of as many reps as you can.

      My suggestion would be to perform as many burpees as possible, take one minute’s rest, go again, rest one minute, and do a final set.

      Rather than focusing on the goal of 100, see how many you can complete in 3 sets first.

      If your total is below 40 reps, then strive to increase the number of reps you can complete in 3 sets.

      If you’re above 40, you can try the 100 burpee challenge a couple of times a week and aim to improve your time.

      With jumps for burpees there’s no nominal height. In the videos the guys are obviously going for speed and efficiency, so their feet are barely leaving the ground. That’s fine.

      There are a number of burpee variations that involve jumps that are a lot higher, it’s simply about what you’re looking to achieve.

      I’ve often performed burpees with tuck jumps (knees to the chest) and box jumps (jumping on and off a 24-36 inch box with each repetition).

      As I say, it’s all about what you’re looking to achieve.

      The higher you jump, and the variations that I have mentioned, will work on your power output a lot more, i.e. they’re more aimed at overall athleticism.

      Hope that makes sense.



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