What Are the Best Exercises to Target All 3 Areas of the Glutes?

An athletic woman performing cable kickbacks exercise for glutes

Have you ever noticed that most glute training focuses primarily on squats and hip thrusts? Don’t get me wrong, both are fantastic exercises and they will definitely help your glutes to grow. However, in order to produce a bigger, rounder, stronger butt it makes sense to specifically focus individually on each of the 3 areas … Read more

Why is My Bum Getting Smaller With Squats? (Explained!)

Why is My Bum Getting Smaller With Squats

Performing squats is usually considered the supreme exercise for the lower body, so it might be surprising to learn that doing them could actually lead to a reduction in the size of your backside. I mean, you’e always been told that if you want a great booty then you have to squat. So, the fact … Read more

Can You Grow Your Glutes By Only Doing Hip Thrusts? (Revealed!)

Can You Grow Your Glutes By Only Doing Hip Thrusts

Several of you are curious to find out if it’s possible to develop your glutes by only performing hip thrusts. For starters, hip thrusts are typically viewed as the greatest glute exercises there is. So, it makes sense that if you want to grow your glutes that you should be doing hip thrusts. However, can … Read more

How Many Inches Can Your Glutes Grow in a Month? (Solved!)

How Many Inches Can Your Glutes Grow in a Month

I believe we’re all curious about the amount of inches we can increase our glute size in a month. Let’s face facts, glute-training has come to the fore in recent years. And while this may be viewed as a “female thing”, most guys are starting to understand the importance of training their glutes. I mean, … Read more

Why Can’t I Feel Squats in My Glutes? (it’s Butt Wake-Up Time)

Why Don't I Feel Squats in My Glutes?

We’ve all heard various quotes about squats and a great booty Basically, if you want a beautiful butt then you gotta squat. So, what the hell is going on when you squat, but you feel absolutely nothing in your glutes? The main reason you don’t feel squats in your glutes is due to an incorrect … Read more