Deadlift Your Way to Bigger Traps? Fact or Fiction? (Here’s What You Need to Know)

Close Up of a Man Preparing to Deadlift

The traps are actively involved in deadlifts. As your torso goes from a forward lean to an upright position, the traps will be stimulated by a dynamic isometric hold. You can build your traps further from deadlifts by progressively adding weight, but also by varying your reps and intensity to stimulate new muscle growth in … Read more

Why Can’t I Feel My Traps When Doing Shrugs (6 Tips For Traps)

Can’t Feel Traps When Doing Shrugs

Anyone else who can’t feel traps when doing shrugs? Traps have often been described as the new abs. Basically, nothing screams power, strength, and athleticism more than a muscular set of traps. Shrugs are typically seen as the “go-to” exercise when it comes to training traps. However, there’s nothing more annoying than not being able … Read more