Is There an Ideal Conventional to Sumo Deadlift Ratio? (Explained!)

Conventional to Sumo Deadlift Ratio

Who else wants to know the “ideal” conventional to sumo deadlift ratio. I’m sure you’ll agree that these are two fantastic deadlift variations. Then again, I know that not everyone feels that sumos are a “legitimate” lift, but trust me they are. Plus, these two deadlift variations will typically see most of us lifting more … Read more

What’s the Ideal Hip Thrust to Deadlift Ratio? (Explained!)

Hip Thrust to Deadlift Ratio

So, you want to know whether there’s an ideal hip thrust to deadlift ratio? Firstly, I have to say, there are few better exercises for your posterior chain. And typically if you throw squats into the mix, you have a fantastic all-round lower body workout. That being said, how do you know whether one exercise … Read more

When Should I Do Deadlifts on an Upper/Lower Split? (Explained!)

Deadlifts Upper/Lower Split

So, you want to know when you should do deadlifts on an upper/lower split? This isn’t so much about whether deadlifts are classed as an upper or lower body exercise. But rather, how deadlifts will affect your training and recovery. Perhaps you’re worried that deadlifts on upper body day will impact your ability to row. … Read more

How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift? (Revealed!)

How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift

So, you want to know, “How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift?” I’m sure you know that progressive overload is the name of the game if you want to get bigger and stronger.  Plus, there are few better exercises than the deadlift for all-round strength. However, if you’ve deadlifting for a while you’ll typically have a … Read more

Why is My Bench Press Weak the Day After Deadlifts? (Explained!)

Bench Press Day After Deadlift

It actually sounds quite weird that your bench press would be affected the day after deadlifts. However, if you’ve experienced this then you know just how real it is. In fact, you may even find that your bench press is so badly impacted that you’re not lifting anywhere near the potential you know you’re capable … Read more

Is it Worth Doing Deadlifts With Low Weight For High Reps? (Solved!)

Deadlift Low Weight High Reps

Have you ever considered doing deadlifts with low weight for high reps? I’m sure you’re used to the conventional way of deadlifting. You know what I mean by this. We all typically deadlift once a week and typically in the 1-5 rep range. This is what we know, plus it seems this is what everyone … Read more

What’s a Good Squat to Deadlift Ratio? (Solved!)

A Man Squatting and a Man Deadlifting & the text, "Squat to Deadlift Ratio"

I think we can all agree that squats and deadlifts are two of the greatest (if not THE greatest) lower-body compound exercises. But, have you ever wondered how much weight you should be lifting with one exercise when compared to the other? A good squat to deadlift ratio for the average lifter is 1:1.2. Therefore, … Read more

Why Do Gyms Kick You Out For Deadlifting? (Explained!)

Why Do Gyms Kick You Out For Deadlifting

Have you ever been kicked out of a gym for deadlifting? If not, I’m sure you’re aware it occurs. However, when you consider that the deadlift is probably one of the greatest weightlifting movements ever (if not the greatest), it doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, allow me to explain the main reasons why … Read more

Should You Tuck Your Chin When Deadlifting? (4 Chin-Tucking Deadlift Facts)

Should You Tuck Your Chin When Deadlifting

It’s definitely a hotly-debated lifting topic, “Should You Tuck Your Chin When Deadlifting?” If only the deadlift was as simple as lifting a heavy barbell off the floor and then putting it back down again. However, you know as well as me that there are many technical aspects to the perfect deadlift. Not only will … Read more