Why Does My Butt Lift on Leg Press? (Solved!)

Why Does My Butt Lift on Leg Press

The leg press appears straightforward and highly effective in facilitating muscle building and heavy weight shifting. However, one of the main complaints that people have is that their butt tends to lift whenever they perform leg press. You realise that the seat and the pad are there for a reason, i.e. to ensure that your … Read more

Can You Grow Glutes in a Calorie Deficit? (Explained!)

Can You Grow Glutes in a Calorie Deficit

Are you curious about the possibility of enhancing your glute muscles while maintaining a calorie deficit? To be honest, there’s so much conflicting information about building muscle and nutrition that it can become extremely confusing. So, allow me to explain everything you need to know about being in a calorie deficit, while attempting to add … Read more

Why is Elbow Flaring Bad For Bench Press? (Explained!)

Why is Elbow Flaring Bad For Bench Press

Has elbow flaring, long thought to be the nemesis of bench pressing, truly earned its bad reputation? You’ll typically hear that flaring your elbows when bench pressing is inefficient, plus it will also place undue stress on the shoulder joint. And yet, you’ve probably seen countless trainers, experts, and YouTube wannabes consistently bench press with … Read more

Should You Sweat When Lifting Weights? (Revealed!)

Should You Sweat When Lifting Weights

Is it normal for us to perspire while undergoing weight lifting, just as we do in cardio workouts? You’ve probably performed many muscle-building workouts in the gym, but by the time you’re finished your t-shirt is still bone dry. Does this indicate that you’ve had a poor workout? Should you carry on working out until … Read more

Does 5/3/1 Have Enough Frequency? (Explained!)

Does 5/3/1 Have Enough Frequency

It’s a known fact that most individuals, upon their initial viewing of the 5/3/1 workout regime, perceive it as lacking in frequency. I mean, obviously you don’t want to offend a legend like Jim Wendler, but it just doesn’t seem like enough to elicit strength gains or muscle growth. So, should you be adding more … Read more

Bent Over Rows – 12 Lat-Expanding Questions (Answered)

Bent Over Rows

Bent over rows belong to the major, intense, barbell, compound exercises. However, for some reason exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press get all the glory. With that being said, if you really want to fill out your t-shirt or look impressive on the beach then you need to be training your back. And of … Read more

Feel Barbell Rows in Your Traps? Fix Your Form For a Strong Back!

A Muscular Man Performing Barbell Rows

You should feel rows in the middle and lower traps. The middle traps work when you retract the shoulder blades, whereas the lower traps are used when you depress the shoulder blades. That being said, you are more likely to feel rows in the upper traps (which you don’t want) if your stance is too … Read more