Do Side Planks Make Your Waist Bigger?

Do Side Planks Make Your Waist Bigger?

The whole point in performing any variation of planks is to strengthen your core and tone your abs. However, many trainees tend to avoid side planks as they’re worried that it’s going to make their waist bigger. But is this actually true? Bodyweight side planks will NOT make your waist bigger. The obliques are like … Read more

Why Do I Feel Planks in My Lower Back? (Here’s the 3 Reasons Why)

Why Do I Feel Planks in My Lower Back?

We’ve all been there, right? Firstly, the reason you perform planks is to strengthen your entire core. However, whenever you perform planks you tend to feel it in your lower back. Well, as it turns out, this mainly comes down to poor form. If you’re feeling planks in your lower back this is usually due … Read more

Are Planks Better on Elbows or Hands? (it’s NOT What You Think)

Are Planks Better On Elbows or Hands?

It’s the age-old question when it comes to planks – should you be doing them on your elbows or your hands? Plus, is one version better than the other, or does it actually make a difference? Here’s what you need to know. Planks performed on your elbows (forearms) ensure that your body is in parallel … Read more

Superset Gym Etiquette (What Are You Supposed to Do?)

Superset Gym Etiquette (What Are You Supposed to Do?)

Let’s talk about supersets, more specifically the “ideal” gym etiquette when performing them. As you’re here reading this article, I’m sure you’ve performed supersets in the gym before. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’ve watched other people perform supersets too (usually driving you mad because they’re hogging all the equipment). So, in this article … Read more

What Would Happen If I Just Did Push Ups, Pull Ups and Squats? (Revealed)

Just Doing Push Ups Pull Ups and Squats

Push ups, pull ups, and squats are probably the most basic bodyweight exercises. However, performing all three exercises regularly can certainly make a difference to your physique. That said, what would happen if you just performed these 3 bodyweight exercises and nothing else? Let’s find out. Just Doing Push Ups, Pull Ups & Squats If … Read more

Why Does Working Out Make Me Hate Myself? (4 Factors to Consider)

Why Does Working Out Make Me Hate Myself

It sounds kinda counterintuitive if working out makes you hate yourself. I mean, exercise is supposed to release certain endorphins and “feel good” hormones. So realistically, working out should make you feel ecstatic. However, there are definitely many people who feel emotional after exercise and suffer from self-loathing. Hey, I’ve even heard of people who … Read more