Are You Doing Jumping Jacks Wrong? The Toes vs. Heels Debate Finally Solved

Jumping Jacks On Toes or Heels?

Jumping jacks are a fantastic exercise for cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and coordination. However, when performing them should you land on your toes or your heels? In this article, I’d like to discuss both techniques, as well as recommending how you should actually land your jumping jacks. You should land on the balls of your feet … Read more

Are You Getting Dark Elbows From Planks? (Reasons & Solutions)

Why Do I Get Dark Elbows From Planks?

Firstly, I have to admit that I seem to always have dark patches on my elbows, and even my knees. However, my elbows are definitely worse, especially since I’ve made planks a regular part of my workout routines. Here’s why this happens and what you can do about it. Dark elbows from planking are caused … Read more

Struggling to Breathe During Planks? Here’s Why & The Solution

Why Can't I Breathe During Planks?

Do you find yourself holding your breath whenever you plank? Or do you eventually give up on a plank because you’re struggling to control your breathing? As it turns out, this is an extremely common planking issue. Here’s why this occurs and how to fix it. If you can’t breathe during planks it’s usually because … Read more

Are Planks Better on Elbows or Hands? (it’s NOT What You Think)

Are Planks Better On Elbows or Hands?

It’s the age-old question when it comes to planks – should you be doing them on your elbows or your hands? Plus, is one version better than the other, or does it actually make a difference? Here’s what you need to know. Planks performed on your elbows (forearms) ensure that your body is in parallel … Read more

Why Do I Feel Planks in My Lower Back? (Here’s the 3 Reasons Why)

Why Do I Feel Planks in My Lower Back?

We’ve all been there, right? Firstly, the reason you perform planks is to strengthen your entire core. However, whenever you perform planks you tend to feel it in your lower back. Well, as it turns out, this mainly comes down to poor form. If you’re feeling planks in your lower back this is usually due … Read more

What Would Happen If I Just Did Push Ups, Pull Ups and Squats? (Revealed)

Just Doing Push Ups Pull Ups and Squats

Push ups, pull ups, and squats are probably the most basic bodyweight exercises. However, performing all three exercises regularly can certainly make a difference to your physique. That said, what would happen if you just performed these 3 bodyweight exercises and nothing else? Let’s find out. Just Doing Push Ups, Pull Ups & Squats If … Read more

Why Can’t I Do Push Ups After a Chest Workout? (Explained!)

Can’t Do Push Ups After Chest Workout

Anyone else who can’t do push ups after a chest workout? We’ve all been there, you’ve absolutely nailed your chest workout. You’ve benched a PR, hit some dips and dumbbell presses, as well as a few sets of cable flyes. You then decide it would be a great idea to perform push ups as a … Read more

Why Do I Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups? (Explained!)

Do You Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups

If pull ups are causing you forearm pain this usually comes down to a specific weakness, poor form, or a potential injury. Here’s exactly what you need to know and how to fix this. The most obvious reason for forearm pain during pull ups is a weak grip. You’ll generally find that your fingers start … Read more

How to Fix Sternum Pain From Dips? (Solved!)

How to Fix Sternum Pain From Dips

So, you want to know How to Fix Sternum Pain From Dips? I totally get you, and this is definitely something that I have experienced myself before. However, it wasn’t long before I discovered that the source of my sternum pain was nothing more than poor form. In fact, there were quite a few things … Read more