How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift? (Revealed!)

How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift

So, you want to know, “How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift?” I’m sure you know that progressive overload is the name of the game if you want to get bigger and stronger.  Plus, there are few better exercises than the deadlift for all-round strength. However, if you’ve deadlifting for a while you’ll typically have a … Read more

Why Do People Use Suicide Grip on Bench Press? (Revealed!)

Suicide Grip Bench Press

Have you ever wondered why people use suicide grip on bench press? You’ve probably noticed this yourself on a regular basis whenever you’re at the gym. Some people bench with their thumbs completely wrapped around the bar, whereas others use a thumbless (suicide) grip. You may even have heard stories of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger … Read more

Why Are My Knees Sore After Rowing Machine? (Solved!)

Knees Sore After Rowing Machine

It has to be the most commonly-asked question about rowing, “Why Are My Knees Sore After Rowing Machine?” I’m sure you’re aware of just how fantastic a workout you can get from the rowing machine. In fact, if you’re looking to lose weight, burn body fat, or simply to improve your overall conditioning, then the … Read more

Is Mixed Grip Better Than Straps? (Deadlifts Explained!)

Is Mixed Grip Better Than Straps

I’m sure you’re aware that the main limiting factor for deadlifts is your grip. We all typically start a deadlifting session with a double overhand grip. However, it’s not too long before you find that your grip starts to fail. With that being said, you know that you’ve still got plenty more in the tank. … Read more

How Much Easier is Bench Press on a Smith Machine? (Explained!)

How Much Easier is Bench Press on a Smith Machine

So, you want to know how much easier bench press is on a Smith machine? In effect, we’re back to the age-old argument – free weights vs. machines. This is not to say that machine exercises are ineffective, as you can still build muscle and strength. However, you’re probably also wondering how much more you … Read more

Is the Bench Press Roll of Shame Safe & Effective (Revealed!)

Bench Press Roll of Shame

I’m glad you’ve asked whether the bench press roll of shame is safe and effective. You’ll typically see countless videos online of people using this method for a failed bench press. Plus, there are just as many articles espousing the virtues of the bench press roll of shame. However, if you’ve ever tried it, or … Read more

Why Does Whey Protein Make Me Thirsty? (Explained!)

Why Does Whey Protein Make Me Thirsty

You’re definitely not the only person to ever ask, “Why Does Whey Protein Make Me Thirsty?” In fact, this is an extremely common occurrence. So, is there a certain ingredient in whey protein that makes you so thirsty? Is there potentially an issue with your diet in general? Or is this simply an unexplained mystery? … Read more

Why Are Biceps Called Guns? (Explained!)

Why Are Biceps Called Guns

So, you want to know, “Why Are Biceps Called Guns?” It seems like just about every other body part is simply referred to as an abbreviation of the actual word. The trapezius muscle is referred to as traps, triceps are tris, quadriceps are quads, hamstrings are hammies, etc. Okay, admittedly the legs are often called … Read more