Suffering From Mid-Back Pain While Rowing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Mid-Back Pain From Rowing Machine

Rowing is a fantastic exercise that provides a full–body workout. However, many users who regularly use the rowing machine complain of mid-pack pain. So, allow me to reveal why this occurs and how you can fix it. Mid-back pain from the rowing machine typically comes down to you using your spine rather than your hips. … Read more

Why Are My Knees Sore After Rowing Machine? (Solved!)

Knees Sore After Rowing Machine

It has to be the most commonly-asked question about rowing, “Why Are My Knees Sore After Rowing Machine?” I’m sure you’re aware of just how fantastic a workout you can get from the rowing machine. In fact, if you’re looking to lose weight, burn body fat, or simply to improve your overall conditioning, then the … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Lose Creatine Water Weight? (Solved!)

How Long to Lose Creatine Water Weight

So, you want to know how long to lose creatine water weight. As fantastic a supplement as creatine is, many of us tend to worry about the inevitable happening. Okay, I’ll admit that this isn’t the case for everyone, but the vast majority of people tend to put on water weight through creatine supplementation. Plus, … Read more

Why is My Bum Getting Smaller With Squats? (Explained!)

Why is My Bum Getting Smaller With Squats

Squats are typically viewed as the King of lower body exercises, so the last thing you’d expect is for your bum to get smaller by performing them. I mean, you’e always been told that if you want a great booty then you have to squat. So, the fact that your butt is shrinking from squats … Read more