Massthetic Muscle Review – Pack On MASSIVE Muscle Without Getting Fat?

Massthetic Muscle Review

Welcome to my Massthetic Muscle Review. Are you someone who struggles to gain muscle mass without adding pounds of unwanted fat? Do you find yourself in a never ending loop of extreme bulking and cutting cycles? You typically train with the “old school” mentality of heavy weights and compound movements. And then you spend countless … Read more

Show and Go Review – Is Eric Cressey’s System the Real Deal?

Show and Go Review

Welcome to my Show and Go Review. Are you someone who wants to gain strength and build muscle? Would you like to burn body fat and achieve better performance? Basically, would you love to have a strong, lean and athletic body? If this sounds like you, then the Show and Go Training System could be … Read more

Why Do Deadlifts Hurt My Hands? (All is Revealed)

Why Do Deadlifts Hurt My Hands

Who’s asked, “Why Do Deadlifts Hurt My Hands?” It’s actually far more of a common occurrence than you may think. I know I’ve had my fair share of hand pain from deadlifts in the past. Plus, there’s still a deadlift variation that causes me anguish. So, I’d like to discuss why deadlifts hurt your hands, … Read more

Off The Floor Review (Increase Your Deadlift By Over 100lbs?)

Off The Floor Review

Welcome to my Off The Floor Review. If you want to get freakishly strong – you deadlift. If you want to pack on massive slabs of rock-hard muscle – you deadlift. In our heart of hearts we all know that the deadlift is one of the best exercises going. The deadlift will help you achieve … Read more

Are Squats and Deadlifts Enough For Legs? (The Truth Revealed)

Are Squats and Deadlifts Enough For Legs

Ever wondered if squats and deadlifts are enough for legs? It may be true that variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to training, less is often more. So, do you really need to be performing a ton of leg exercises in order to stimulate growth? Or are the “Big Two” enough? … Read more

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review – Build Muscle in Just 4 Weeks?

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review

Welcome to my Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review. Are you someone who’s been training for years, but have seen little in the way of gains? You workout harder and longer, and yet you look no different from 6 months ago. You feel that you’re not getting any stronger and you haven’t added any muscle for a … Read more

Why Am I So Tired After Deadlifts? Here’s 7 Reasons Why

Tired After Deadlifts

Anyone else feel really tired after deadlifts? I often have a big deadlifting session and I’m typically completely spent afterwards. In fact, there have been times when I’ve fallen asleep for a good couple of hours after training. It appears that I’m not alone, and this is a fairly common occurrence. So, let’s look at … Read more

6 Reasons For Foot Cramps During Bulgarian Split Squats

Foot Cramps During Bulgarian Split Squats

Am I the only one who gets terrible foot cramps during Bulgarian split squats? From my research, it appears I am not alone. In fact, foot cramps while performing Bulgarian split squats seems to be an extremely common occurrence. As it turns out there are a number of reasons for this, although they all seem … Read more

Does Your Knee Touch the Ground During Lunges? (5 Reasons Not To)

Does Your Knee Touch the Ground During Lunges

It’s a commonly-asked question, “Does Your Knee Touch the Ground During Lunges?” Depending on who you ask, you’ll receive a wide variety of answers. Funnily enough, I’ve noticed that the majority of physical therapists seem to respond in the affirmative. Whereas, personal trainers and certified coaches will say there is no need for the knee … Read more

The Russian Fighter Pull Up Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Russian Fighter Pull Up Program

The Russian Fighter Pull Up Program is something that I have both used and loved. I personally saw some fantastic results the first time I tried the program, going from a 14-rep max to 22 reps. Okay, admittedly this probably isn’t as good as many others. I know some people have literally doubled (or more) … Read more