How Rare is a 10-Pack? (The Big Ab Question Answered!)

How Rare is a 10-Pack

Everyone is putting their heart into training and dieting, all in a bid to achieve the most sculpted set of abs. However, just to prove how unfair life can be there’s people out there sporting a 10-pack. As you may imagine, this isn’t a regular occurrence, but how rare exactly are 10-pack abs? It is … Read more

Can’t Get a Pump in the Gym? (4 Reasons Why)

Why Can’t I Get a Pump in the Gym

You’re surely not alone in fretting about not being able to achieve a pump while working out at the gym. In fact, seeing and feeling your muscles swell during (and after) a workout is an extremely satisfying experience. However, if you’re finding that it’s pretty much impossible to get a pump nowadays you may have … Read more

Triceps Sore? Should You Train Biceps? Here’s What You Need to Know

A Muscular Man Flexing His Arms in a Bodybuilding Pose

It’s absolutely fine to train your biceps if your triceps are sore. In fact, it could actually help with tricep recovery. Biceps and triceps are opposing muscles. Therefore, when your biceps contract, your triceps relax, and vice versa. Furthermore, the increased blood flow to your arms will help with nutrient partitioning and active recovery for … Read more

Is it Easier to Lift Weights if You Are Shorter? (Solved!)

Is it Easier to Lift Weights if You Are Shorter

Does height have an impact on the pros and cons typically associated with weightlifting, which can be varied based on your physical condition? More specifically, is it easier to lift weights if you are shorter? I’ll answer this exact question for you now, plus I’ve also included various weightlifting world records to prove the point. … Read more

Should I Constantly Flex My Abs? (Solved!)

Should I Constantly Flex My Abs

Have you ever observed the firmness of your abs when you tense them up? Feels good, right? I’m sure this has led you to ponder whether you should constantly flex your abs to produce a beautifully sculpted midsection. Here’s what you need to know. Flexing your abs and performing an isometric contraction has many benefits, … Read more

How Long Should an Abs Workout Be? (Solved!)

How Long Should an Abs Workout Be

If you were to inquire which muscle group most people desire to enhance, the response would likely be six-pack abs. Let’s face facts, there’s something very beautiful and sexy about having the perfect toned midsection. So, of course, we all set about frantically training as much as possible in the hope of producing ripped and … Read more