Is the Bench Press Roll of Shame Safe & Effective (Revealed!)

Bench Press Roll of Shame

I’m glad you’ve asked whether the bench press roll of shame is safe and effective. You’ll typically see countless videos online of people using this method for a failed bench press. Plus, there are just as many articles espousing the virtues of the bench press roll of shame. However, if you’ve ever tried it, or … Read more

Why Does My Back Bruise When I Bench Press? (Solved!)

Back Bruise From Bench Press

It sounds really weird to even say, “Why Does My Back Bruise When I Bench Press?” I mean, you wouldn’t typically expect to get bruises without something coming into contact with the body. Plus, bruising on your back from bench pressing just doesn’t seem right. So, is this a cause for concern? Are you benching … Read more

Can Your Squat Stance Be Too Wide? (Explained!)

Can Your Squat Stance Be Too Wide

It’s something that you’ve definitely thought about many times before, “Can Your Squat Stance Be Too Wide?” The squat is typically viewed as the King of Lower Body Exercises. Therefore, regardless of your physique goals, it makes sense to squat. However, there is often much confusion as to exactly how wide your stance should be. … Read more

Why Do I Feel Dumbbell Flyes in My Shoulders? (Solved!)

Feel Dumbbell Flyes in Shoulders

You’ll often hear people say to avoid dumbbell flyes as they’re really bad for your shoulders. However, in truth, it’s not so much the exercise itself, but rather how you perform it. Basically, if you perform dumbbell flyes incorrectly then you’re much more likely to feel it in your shoulders. So, allow me to explain … Read more

Why Are My Forearms Bigger Than Biceps? (Explained!)

Why Are My Forearms Bigger Than Biceps

There’s nothing more impressive than a pair of muscular, rippling, vein-popping arms. And this is especially true if your biceps, triceps, and forearms appear to be proportionate to each other. However, I know for a fact that many trainees wonder why their forearms are bigger than their biceps. Plus, this often seems to be the … Read more

Why Are Biceps Called Guns? (Explained!)

Why Are Biceps Called Guns

So, you want to know, “Why Are Biceps Called Guns?” It seems like just about every other body part is simply referred to as an abbreviation of the actual word. The trapezius muscle is referred to as traps, triceps are tris, quadriceps are quads, hamstrings are hammies, etc. Okay, admittedly the legs are often called … Read more

Why Are My Biceps Tall But Not Wide? (Solved!)

Why Are My Biceps Tall But Not Wide

This is actually an extremely common problem, “Why Are My Biceps Tall But Not Wide?” In fact, I know that many trainees are extremely satisfied with the peak of their biceps. Plus, their arms literally look massive from the side. However, a quick face-on view and your biceps, and arms in general, look extremely skinny, … Read more

Is There an Ideal Pull Up to Chin Up Ratio? (Explained!)

Pull Up to Chin Up Ratio

If you’re wondering whether there is a specific pull up to chin up ratio you should aim for then I’ve got you covered. I will hazard a guess that you find chin ups easier to perform than pull ups. However, perhaps you’re slightly concerned by how much of a difference in reps there is between … Read more