Why is Monday “International” Chest Day? (Here’s 5 Reasons Why)

Why is Monday Chest Day

I can pretty much guarantee that if you enter a gym anywhere in the world on a Monday you’ll see people training chest. Basically, Monday is “International Chest Day”. Go on, admit it, if you’re training a bro-split, you also train chest every Monday without fail. In fact, I’m sure that many of us subconsciously … Read more

Why Do I Feel Lat Pulldowns in My Chest? (Solved!)

Why Do I Feel Lat Pulldowns in My Chest

It sounds funny to even be talking about feeling lat pulldowns in your chest. However, if you’ve experienced this, you know it’s no laughing matter. Granted, lat pulldowns are a lat exercise, so if you’re going to feel them anywhere it should be the lats. That being said, there are of course many stabiliser muscles … Read more

Is it Better to Elevate Heels or Toes For Romanian Deadlifts? (Explained!)

Heels or Toes Elevated For RDLs

Anyone else wondering whether it’s better to have your heels or toes elevated for Romanian deadlifts? I’m sure you’ve probably seen people in the gym doing both before. So clearly, there must be some benefit to raising one part of your feet during RDLs. That being said, one of these variations is fantastic, whereas the … Read more

How Do You Not Slide on Bench Press? (Revealed!)

How Do You Not Slide on Bench Press

So, you want to know, “How Do You Not Slide on Bench Press?” This is not something that most people ever think about until they’ve experienced the dreaded slide themselves. In truth, this only really occurs when you’re benching heavy loads or simply using a lot of intensity in your lifts. However, the second you … Read more

Is There an Ideal Leg Press to Hack Squat Ratio? (Explained!)

Leg Press to Hack Squat Ratio

Who else wants to know whether there’s an ideal leg press to hack squat ratio? You’ve no doubt seen people regularly performing leg press and hack squats in the gym. And possibly you’re no stranger to these fantastic lower body exercises yourself. However, should you be able to leg press a certain weight compared to … Read more

Can I Do Romanian Deadlifts With a Mixed Grip? (Revealed!)

Romanian Deadlift Mixed Grip

You’ll never know how many times I’ve seen this question asked, “Can I Do Romanian Deadlifts With a Mixed Grip?” Of course, it makes a lot of sense, as your grip typically fatigues well before your glutes or hammies. However, should you actually be using a mixed grip with RDLs? Or is this something to … Read more

Romanian Deadlift Depth – Is There an Ideal RDL Depth? (Solved!)

Romanian Deadlift Depth

Have you ever wondered whether there’s a perfect Romanian deadlift depth? I totally understand you wanting to know, because as great an exercise as RDLs are, you’ll often find that you can’t feel the target muscles working. In truth, you probably feel that this is the case because you haven’t lowered the load far enough … Read more

Are Romanian Deadlifts Better With Barbell or Dumbbells? (Solved!)

Are Romanian Deadlifts Better With Barbell or Dumbbells

It’s actually an extremely commonly asked question, “Are Romanian Deadlifts Better With Barbell or Dumbbells?” I guess we all know that Romanian deadlifts are a fantastic exercise for your glutes and hamstrings, and even for your lower back. Plus, training your posterior chain can have a multitude of positive effects on your overall physique? However, … Read more